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Ian McKendrick - Social Media Strategist

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Ian McKendrick is an accomplished social media strategist with a proven track record of creating and implementing successful social media strategies that builds trust, awareness, fans, and revenue growth.

Using social media to provide outstanding customer service, demonstrating the customers best interest is at heart, while learning their needs and expectations and feeding this back to the business.

An exceptional people manager and communicator from an executive corporate background, who works closely with all internal teams (e.g. Legal, Risk Management, HR, IT Security and Communications) and ensures corporate buy-in at all levels.

Recognised industry speaker and key commentator on social media to many top marketing seminars and conferences across the UK and Europe.


Ian has over 2,974 LinkedIn Endorsements

Ian McKendrick's LinkedIn Endorsements - October 2013

63 people have recommended Ian


CambiNet Limited & Lets Present It.com

Adrian Wright -Managing Director
Adrian Wright -Managing Director Secoda Risk Management Ltd

Having first met and worked with Ian a decade ago during his time at Acambis, I have always been impressed by Ian’s ability to reinvent himself into new areas of specialisation with the advance of technology. Ian’s extensive knowledge and experience within IT and information security in the pharmaceutical industry has in recent times broadened into areas of regulatory compliance, quality systems and change management before finally taking a quantum leap into becoming a professional broadcaster, internationally recognised expert on all aspects of Social Media Marketing, and business technology adviser for SMEs. Always an excellent and impassioned communicator, Ian’s popular Sunday morning show The Business Hub, achieved a large and loyal following (including myself!) during its two and a half year reign. Ian’s conference presentations and workshops are always well received and guaranteed to entertain and inform.

Adrian Wright on LinkedIn

Glen Mountford Tucker - Director
Glen Mountford Tucker - Director Elliott Penny Ltd

I have worked with Ian on a wide variety of projects and have seen his sensitivity and ability to connect with others in a scientific, business-like and effective manner. Ian is a creative and structured person in one, a capacity rarely seen in one person. This enables him to meet people and easily create a relationship with them and to put across his ideas in a persuasive and visually effective manner. As a networker and a person who understands networking, he is able to launch, develop and maintain any social business process that he takes an interest in and I wish him great success.

Glen Tucker on LinkedIn

Mike Palman - Managing Director
Mike Palman - Managing Director The Sales Academy

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Every now and then you find someone who has extraordinary talent that create a paradigm shift. Ian is one of those people. Over the years his talent and ideas continue to amaze and generically wow audiences. His ability to deliver complex information in bite size non-technical speak is truly amazing. His creativity is in abundance. Clearly be is comfortable dealing at all levels with large and small groups and when you put all of this together you will be happy that you also discovered the pervasive talents that Ian brings to your company. I have learned so much from listening to Ian and following his valuable advice. I can thoroughly recommend Ian on so many levels!

Mike Palman on LinkedIn

Beverlee Baptie - VP Global Event Operations
Beverlee Baptie - VP Global Event Operations Baptie & Company

It is a pleasure to know and work with Ian. He has spoken at a number of Baptie & Company’s conferences over the years. Ian has achieved the top speaker award at several of these events. Ian is very passionate about his work and always goes the extra mile for any project, speaking opportunity, etc. that comes his way.

Beverlee Baptie on LinkedIn

David Baker
David Baker Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

I have engaged Ian both as a guest speaker and then subsequently to provide a Social Media training course for members of the Federation of Small Businesses. Ian is a great speaker – interesting, informative and thoroughly entertaining. It is obvious that he knows his subject in great depth but he is able to put it over to the audience in a way that captures everyone’s attention. His Social Media training course was great value for money. It was well attended and the feedback from all the attendees was extremely positive. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ian to anyone who needs an expert in social media and who can explain it at any level.

David Baker on LinkedIn

Michael Farrier - Owner
Michael Farrier - Owner Boyes Turner

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Ian’s strengths lie in a deep understanding of and passion for IT and his ability to apply that knowledge to motivate, encourage and influence his audience to use technology to their advantage. Infectious passion and enthusiasm with a very personable approach to presentations and delivery as a trainer.

Michael Farrier on LinkedIn

Kathryn Buck
Kathryn Buck NAAP Pharmaceuticals

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

I wanted to recommend Ian to anyone looking for an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, engaging presenter on the topic of social media. I have attended a couple of presentations by Ian and found his style to be completely captivating. His ability to connect with his audience together with his most personable nature make him a pleasure to be in the company of, and learn from. I have known Ian for a few years now, and would whole-heartedly recommend him. His background in IT, his experience at working at all levels of an organisation, his infectious character makes him a rare commodity.

Kathryn Buck on LinkedIn

Samantha Roe - Head of Marketing, PR & Events
Samantha Roe - Head of Marketing, PR & Events Small Lifestyle Businesses

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ian is creative in utilising social media for maximum impact and really knows what he is doing with the different tools available. Highly recommended for one-to-one sessions on how social media can work for you personally and professionally.

Samantha Roe on LinkedIn

Simon Roper - Founder
Simon Roper - Founder Practio

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Having met and listened to a key note speech Ian gave Nov 2012 regarding marketing and the social media at an Essex Government-backed business initiative, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone wishing to learn more about networking and business development. His track record is impressive and converts most importantly to the valuable advice he has imparted to me following our initial meet, which has generated palpable results to my own business endeavours on this network. Ian somehow manages to answer my questions and queries at lightening speed!

Simon Roper on LinkedIn

Aurelia Magron - Net Focus Community Manager
Aurelia Magron - Net Focus Community Manager Baptie & Company

As it comes to social media, security and IT strategy, Ian is one of the best presenters I’ve worked with. He has been speaking at several conferences my company organized related to IT Security and we’ve always had great feedback from the attendees. He was also very involved in the working group I was managing, as presenter or attendee and thanks to him the group was very dynamic!

Aurelia Magron on LinkedIn

Eddie Humphries - Senior Information Risk Manager
Eddie Humphries - Senior Information Risk Manager Barclaycard

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

As Co-Chair of an Information Security Working Group, I am constantly on the look out for presenters for group workshops and conference seminars. Ian has consistently provided top quality and engaging presentations on numerous occasions across a wide range of subjects, notably Social Media. Each presentation has been informative, entertaining and expertly delivered. Positive feedback is always returned by the attending delegates and I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking for a top class presenter and expert in the social media and information security space.

Eddie Humphries on LinkedIn

Kelly Anstee - Accountant
Kelly Anstee - Accountant Tyrrell & Company

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Ian is an amazing source of knowledge! I can honestly say, without his Twitter workshop it would’ve took me AGES to crack how it works. A nicely priced, engaging tour that has stuck with me. Thank you SIR!

Kelly Anstee on LinkedIn

Stefan Keymer - ICT Service Delivery Manager
Stefan Keymer - ICT Service Delivery Manager Royal Society of Chemistry

Ian is an excellent communicator of technology solutions, he is able to put across in easy to understand terms the real business benefits of IT technologies. Ian also instils his high level of enthusiasm for the topics he presents on across to the audience. Ian can present to audiences at different levels and of a mixed nature well enough for everyone to enjoy and get the most from the experience. Ian is highly knowledgeable in the areas of Social Media, Security and IT Strategy.

Stefan Keymer on LinkedIn

Adrian Seccombe - Research Associate
Adrian Seccombe - Research Associate CSC's Leading Edge Forum

Ian’s thinking and skills in leveraging Social Media have grown leaps and bounds since the day I saw him first get the power of Social Media. In that initial meeting I saw him make a decision, he made it his career, he is now an expert in the area, building on his already deep expertise in presenting facts and concepts. Listen to his podcasts. Leverage his skills. You won’t regret it!

Adrian Seccombe on LinkedIn

Paul Simmonds, CISO / Global IS Integrated Assurance Director
Paul Simmonds, CISO / Global IS Integrated Assurance Director AstraZeneca

Always a thoroughly interesting and engaging speaker – keeps you captivated from start to finish with a clear message and takeaway’s.

Paul Simmonds on LinkedIn

Steve Plant - Assessor in vocational qualifications
Steve Plant - Assessor in vocational qualifications Assess4you

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ian provided a new social media strategy for office space provider I then worked for. The strategy helped to spread the many promotional messages to a much wider audience in a fast, progressive and economic way. Very good value for money.

Steve Plant on LinkedIn

Martin Kemp - Public Sector Business Development Director
Martin Kemp - Public Sector Business Development Director BT Group

Ian presented on Social Media to my peer group and provided a useful insight into how Social Media is being used by different business sectors to grow revenues and increase their customer base. Ian is insightful and knowledgeable in this area and I would recommend his services on this topic to business organisations whatever the size not currently using Social Media as a business tool and also companies that use it but are not achieving the success they were expecting.

Martin Kemp on LinkedIn

Elaine Vandelli - Director
Elaine Vandelli - Director Leicester Business Events

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Ian presented a seminar at the Leicester Business Event in October 2011 which was very well received by all attendees. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and in fact will be asking him to present at the Northants. Business Event in April 2013.

Elaine Vandelli on LinkedIn

Debbie Thomson - Account Director
Debbie Thomson - Account Director Simpsons Creative

Ian has the ability to make his presentations very informative and also good fun. His depth of knowledge in social media and IT strategy allows him to speak to audiences from many different fields, always showing them how the skills he is describing can work for their businesses. His strategies for security are excellent and I have seen him advise HR directors on how to implement simple but effective regulations to safeguard employees and employers from the threats that social media continues to create. I do not hesitate to recommend Ian.

Debbie Thomson on LinkedIn

Chloe Darcy - Marketing Executive
Chloe Darcy - Marketing Executive Media 10

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ian is full of enthusiasm and creativity within his industry, I worked with him when he spoke at the iDigital Summit back in October and was a huge success. We receive a vast amount of positive feedback and would 100% recommend him.

Chloe Darcy on LinkedIn

Joy Lunn - Creative marketing strategist
Joy Lunn - Creative marketing strategist JOY LUNN

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Ian’s approach to social media is hugely engaging, lively and informative and always results-orientated. He delivers brilliant content-rich presentations, full of tips and insider knowledge and goes the extra mile to deliver the goods. I strongly recommend Ian to any company looking to increase its social media presence or train internal people to understand how to get the best results. Ian is inspirational and engages perfectly with his target audiences.

Joy Lunn on LinkedIn

Andrew Semple - Training and Development Consultant
Andrew Semple - Training and Development Consultant Stanforth Learning and Development

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Great advice and great results.

Andrew Semple on LinkedIn

Lindsay Abbott - Voice Over Artist
Lindsay Abbott - Voice Over Artist Lindsay Abbott Brand

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Ian helped me on the social media and website aspects of my business back in 2010. His enthusiasm for social media was infectious; he was so helpful in setting things up for me, and his social media knowledge was superb. For anyone needing expertise in this area, or public speaking engagements, Ian’s your man.

Lindsay Abbott on LinkedIn

Karen James - Director
Karen James - Director Lilac James Co.

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

I first met Ian when he was presenting to a business networking group. He is an excellent presenter and enthuses his audience with the subject matter. In this case it was social media, which in 2009 was nowhere near as prevalent as it is today. Ian was the forerunner in this area and I know of no one whose knowledge and expertise is greater. He lives and breathes social media and is right up to date with this fast moving sector. I can highly recommend his services, jolly nice chap too.

Karen James on LinkedIn

Thelma Hegarty - Centre Administrator and PA to Centre Lead
Thelma Hegarty - Centre Administrator and PA to Centre Lead Barts Cancer Institute & Queen Mary University of London

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

It’s rare to find someone who has extraordinary talent. Ian is one of those people. At a key note speech given in Nov 2012 to an audience of more than 100, he delivered an interesting and powerful over view of social media and gave away an abundance of useful tips from: Twitter, AudioBoo, Hoot Suite and strategies on how to use and more importantly how NOT to use social media, using real time world examples. Ian captivates his audiences with bite sized pieces and non-technical speak leaving them begging for more. I can thoroughly recommend Ian on so many levels and for a future employer, you will have the greatest asset in your business listening to Ian and following his valuable advice.

Thelma Hegarty on LinkedIn

Mike Palman - Managing Director
Mike Palman - Managing Director The Sales Academy

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

When it comes to social media there cannot be anyone more knowledgeable than Ian. From the moment you decide to engage Ian you will find that Ian means business and has an enormous and practical knowledge that is usually hard to find. Social media is affecting all of us fortunately Ian is the first person I would engage if I wanted to know about social media and business, what to do and more importantly what not to do. Combine this with his strong IT background and the hybrid skills are unique and much in demand. If you want to score a bulls eye when taking someone on – look no further and talk to Ian as he ticks all the boxes.

Mike Palman on LinkedIn

Gerard Duggan - Director
Gerard Duggan - Director Utilitrackonline Ltd

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

I attended one of Ian’s presentations, must be four years ago, on the subject of Social Networking and how it can impact on my business. I was staggered at the potential and very impressed with Ian’s practical knowledge. I have subsequently joined Ian at a number of other presentations to keep my knowledge up to date. Ian now provides a Social Network optimised website for my business that has generated sales leads on a regular basis. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian’s business to you.

Gerard Duggan on LinkedIn

Jeanette Walker - Project Director
Jeanette Walker - Project Director Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Ian is awesome. His knowledge about social media is unsurpassed. He explains technical jargon in a way even I can understand (!) and he is just one of the most likeable yet professional people you will ever have the good fortune to meet.

Jeanette Walker on LinkedIn

Larry Lloyd - Technical Project Manager
Larry Lloyd - Technical Project Manager NHS Trust

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Whilst Head of IT at the national charity ‘Speaking Up’ I hired Ian as a consultant for our SharePoint implementation, in order to assist me to involve the whole organisation (spread far and wide across the UK) to work collaboratively using this cutting edge technology to save us time, and allowing us to compete in the corporate world on equal terms without complication or unnecessary cost. Ian is able to show the vision beyond a keyboard and computer screen. He gave us the knowledge, vision and empowerment to to choose our own destiny. I have the utmost respect for Ian and his work ethics.

Larry Lloyd on LinkedIn

Ellee Seymour MCIPR - Press Consultant
Ellee Seymour MCIPR - Press Consultant Proactive PR

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ian’s flair for designing social media websites with search engine optimisation are stunning and creative and press all the right buttons for his clients and their desired audiences. Ian is passionate about helping small businesses succeed and his work on the Cambridge-based Business Hub radio show is a great testament to this, and I wish him every success as it expands across East Anglia, and the UK next year if his goals are met. I enjoy working with Ian as we share a passion for social media and gadgets, and he always has something new to show me, which I soak up like a sponge. More please Ian!!

Ellee Seymour on LinkedIn

Jane Malyon - Owner
Jane Malyon - Owner The English Cream Tea Co

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

The very lovely Ian combines amazing expertise with fun and creative ways of teaching his clients so that it’s all memorable and easy to understand. He’s also a watercolour artist…what more could you want?!

Jane Malyon on LinkedIn

Ian Clarke - Managing Director
Ian Clarke - Managing Director Pansophix Ltd

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Ian helped us to set up www.247freetips.com and got us going with Twitter. He was always willing to answer all our questions and spend time helping us understand what he did so we could take over and manage our social media ourselves. Highly recommended.

Ian Clarke on LinkedIn

Robert Bradley - Principal
Robert Bradley - Principal Bradley & Associates

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

I can endorse Ian as a knowledgeable and expert in the field of IT and social media. He helped me set up my personal blog and I have attended his training courses.

Robert Bradley on LinkedIn

Dave Allan - Sales Director
Dave Allan - Sales Director Doxbond

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

I attended a course that Ian held on Social Media and how to use Twitter. Ian has great technical knowledge and the course was presented in a very informative and interesting way.

Dave Allan on LinkedIn

Moira Upton - Managing Director
Moira Upton - Managing Director TLC Health Screening Ltd

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Ian is an expert in his field and goes out of his way to provide a solution whenever he can.

Moira Upton on LinkedIn

Paul Smith - Head of Marketing
Paul Smith - Head of Marketing Elektron Technology plc

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

One of the few people who can speak from REAL experience, without all the ‘Guru’ speak learnt from other ‘gurus’. Honest and approachable. Highly recommended!

Paul Smith on LinkedIn

Steve Dalby - Principal Consultant
Steve Dalby - Principal Consultant Sei-IS Business Consultancy

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Ian knows Social media and the impact it can have on the business. He knows all of the mainstream social media tools inside out Each time Ian works on my public knowledge the search results and hit rates increase. Exactly what is asked of him.

Steve Dalby on LinkedIn

Rosemary Hill - Artistic Director
Rosemary Hill - Artistic Director The Play's The Thing Theatre Company

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ian was a wonderful keynote speaker. He was entertaining and informative and we all learned a great deal about social media. He made us think about things differently, but what was really impressive was he was able to gear the session to a very mixed audience with different levels of experience and knowledge.

Rosemary Hill on LinkedIn

Madeleine Morgan - Co Founder
Madeleine Morgan - Co Founder The Accountability Club

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Ian has an engaging presentation style. He made social media marketing more appealing and simple to implement in a humorous, visual and creativity way.

Madeleine Morgan on LinkedIn

Paul Sage - Product Management Director
Paul Sage - Product Management Director Aimia Inc

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ian is just great at explaining the world of social media to business leaders with experience and un-experienced in this area of marketing communication. His knowledge and training resources are second to none, as is his knowledge of forming social media policy Ian worked with me extensively at Click4Causes to set up a seminar series to help third sector organisations leverage new marketing streams in the 10’s of thousands of pounds monthly and new funding revenue from developing their network of supporters.

Paul Sage on LinkedIn

The Business Hub

Bill Nelson - Director
Bill Nelson - Director MB Angels

I was a listener to Ian’s programme via his weekly podcast & was impressed by his grasp of & fluency with this then emerging technology. We then met as a result of Ian’s impressively intensive business development activities, which resulted in colleagues & I recording virtually a whole programme that projected our intense-but-fun approach to business. “Our” podcast was widely downloaded across the country, thanks to Ian’s business & media skills. We will work together again!

Bill Nelson on LinkedIn

Chris Ogle - Managing Director
Chris Ogle - Managing Director SME7

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

I met Ian when I visited the Business Hub radio station in Cambridge… having not really been on any radio type show before I was a little nervous to start with. Ian and his co-presenter put me at my ease immediately and soon we were chatting on the radio show as if just a regular conversation. Ian proved to be very knowledgeable about a wide range of topics and combined great questioning with a thorough understanding of what the audience would be interested to listen to… There is a real skill to this type of radio / presenter work which I didn’t appreciate before being on the show (which I have done now on two occasions) but Ian definitely has this skill in abundance!

Chris Ogle on LinkedIn

Paul Violet - Owner
Paul Violet - Owner Finance Confidential
Ebullient. The prefect word to describe Ian’s enthusiasm and professionalism. The Business Hub is an excellent vehicle on which to get interesting and important information out to local listeners. Always relevant and always worth a listen.

Paul Violet on LinkedIn

David Winch - Director
David Winch - Director Make Sales Without Selling

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Ian McKendrick and Mark Peters are a superb pairing to found and host a local radio programme dedicated to helping local businesses succeed – The Business Hub – and have built a considerable dedicated audience for their Sunday morning show. Ian brings his own sense of humour, business acumen and wide business experience to the show, helping coax out of those who appear the real gems – “pearls of wisdom” – that can be adapted and adopted by other entrepreneurs, to the benefit of their businesses too. Ian helps ensure that you have fun whilst sharing, absorbing and implementing the great ideas contributed by all the guests on the programme. I certainly enjoyed being interviewed by Ian and Mark in their “first ever live satellite link-up!

David Winch on LinkedIn

Colin McLean - Owner
Colin McLean - Owner Presentation Works

Ian’s easy style and relaxed manner are perfectly suited to radio. He has many listeners and followers.. And why not, we all learn some very useful things along with some great entertainment.

Colin McLean on LinkedIn

Will Russell - Manager, Innovation and Technology
Will Russell - Manager, Innovation and Technology Royal Society of Chemistry

Ian created and hosted a great engaging and informative radio show focussing on business innovation, initially with a social media bias the show evolved to covering a broad range of business topics. Ian attracted a great range of speakers – from a colleague of mine speaking about our social network MyRSC through to the likes of Derek Acorah (the TV ghost specialist) and creators of innovative start-ups.

Will Russell on LinkedIn

Susan Quilliam - Author
Susan Quilliam - Author The Joy Of Sex

Ian I enjoyed very much our meeting early in 2012 when you interviewed me for The Business Hub. I wish you well in all your business enterprises.

Susan Quilliam on LinkedIn

Bob Westrip - Owner
Bob Westrip - Owner FYX Limited

Brilliant show, well done and superb people doing it. Ian is a good guy.

Bob Westrip on LinkedIn

John Aitken - Marketing Manager
John Aitken - Marketing Manager Ambassador Car Services Limited

I met Ian some time ago and he gave me a lot of help and advice on social media. I was also lucky to be interviewed by him on his radio program. This has enabled me to make many more contacts and greater use of social media as a marketing tool. Many thanks Ian!

John Aitken on LinkedIn

Chris Thomas - Director
Chris Thomas - Director Milton Contact Ltd

Ian has a brilliant way of preparing visual and audio presentation together. The most memorable being a campaign involving animated characters. If you need a presentation with impact – chat to Ian!

Chris Thomas on LinkedIn

Steve Draper - Owner
Steve Draper - Owner Better Marketer.com

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Met Ian at September 15th Business Exhibition. Wood Green. Great guy, works very hard and understands every aspect of marketing. I recommend Ian 100%

Steve Draper on LinkedIn


Cambridge Display Technology (CDT)


Richard Billington - Infrastructure Manager
Richard Billington - Infrastructure Manager Produce World

Ian was an inspirational leader. He gave me confidence, allowed me to do things I didn’t realise I could. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Ian, and I still use lessons learned working for Ian.

Richard Billington on LinkedIn

Mike Dearlove - Managing Director
Mike Dearlove - Managing Director EACS Ltd

In the 10+ years I’ve known and worked with Ian, he never ceases to impress me by his approach in almost everything he does. Ian’s thinking and skills in leveraging IT to reduce the development time for new pharmaceuticals as he did at Acambis, implementing the COBIT framework in SharePoint to ensure regulatory compliance requirements were met prior to flotation on NASDAQ as he did at CDT, or using social media to build an audience of hundreds of thousands for a brand new business radio show as he did on The Business Hub, and to become an internationally recognised expert on all aspects of Social Media Marketing as a result. Ian is honest, trustworthy, and a diligent extremely hard worker, a formidable communicator, an impressive, enthusiastic but modest leader (who happily gives all of the credit to his team), with a laser focuses on business objectives. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Ian for any task he’s put too.

Mike Dearlove on LinkedIn

Paul Wallace - Ink Manufacturing Manager
Paul Wallace - Ink Manufacturing Manager Xennia Technology
During my time working with Ian I was a customer of the IT department. Ian was very responsive to customer requirements and very knowledgeable of his subject matter. He was very approachable and was always enthusiastic and keen to help and support.

Paul Wallace on LinkedIn


Medivir AB


Matt Tozer  -Director of Medicinal Chemistry Services
Matt Tozer -Director of Medicinal Chemistry Services Peakdale Molecular
Ian was a pleasure to work with. He always provided valuable and timely support. He was someone to whom I turned for advice and I valued his opinions. I have absolutely no hesitation in vouching for Ian and his work.

Matt Tozer on LinkedIn


Acambis plc.


John Brown - CEO
John Brown - CEO Acambis plc
Ian did a great job for us at Acambis. Always focussed on making the IT work for the end user. He is passionate about IT and has always stayed current with the latest developments in the field.

John Brown on LinkedIn


Larry Lloyd - Technical Project Manager
Larry Lloyd - Technical Project Manager NHS Trust

I met Ian in 2001 when I came to Acambis on a contract basis. Ian was person who could see products & processes way ahead of the rest of the industry, and make them work for the benefit of the business. I was so inspired by what I’d seen and experienced whilst contracting at Acambis, I had no hesitation in accepting an offer directly from Ian to work for him full time. He is a leader I have 100% faith and trust in.

Larry Lloyd on LinkedIn

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis - IT Help Desk Manager & Systems Administrator
Kyriakos Kalaitzidis - IT Help Desk Manager & Systems Administrator Acambis plc

I reported to Ian at Acambis, and he has the ability to foster a team environment and supports his personnel to have a voice in projects regardless of whether they are directly or indirectly involved. He provides guidance to his team members to grow their skills and challenge them by giving opportunities to work on technology that would place them outside their comfort zone. This foster’s mutual admiration and respect and forces a person to grow their technical knowledge and ability. He is capable of converting technical language to business language in order to better explain projects or solutions to whatever the situation maybe. He has an energy that is infectious and promotes “high morale” and “efficiency”.

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis on LinkedIn

Philip Bedford - Senior VP Clinical Operations and Regulatory Affairs
Philip Bedford - Senior VP Clinical Operations and Regulatory Affairs Acambis plc

Ian set up a first-class IT system at Acambis and was instrumental in ensuring its smooth translation across the Atlantic when the Company expanded. In addition to his considerable technical skill, he was always a joy to work with!

Philip Bedford on LinkedIn

Stefan Keymer - ICT Service Delivery Manager
Stefan Keymer - ICT Service Delivery Manager Royal Society of Chemistry

While at Acambis Ian was able to look at the business and see the opportunities where IT technologies could bring real benefit. Ian could also put these suggested improvements across to the business to gain top-level buy in for change. And, of course, Ian was also skilled at overseeing the implementation of these changes across the business to affect real change and gain real benefits. Ian is what I would call an IT Visionary at being able to see the business benefits of IT technologies and an excellent communicator for presenting IT change to the business as a whole. Ian was a pleasure to work with and an enthusiastic driving force at the organisation.”

Stefan Keymer on LinkedIn

Alex Benn - IT Technician & Software Engineer
Alex Benn - IT Technician & Software Engineer Acambis plc

I worked for Ian, within his IT department at Acambis, and learnt a great deal from him during this time. Ian’s in-depth knowledge of IT systems, mentoring skills, creativity, enthusiasm and ethos are admirable. He is a keen IT strategist, and always kept himself abreast with the latest trends and technologies within the industry and, with his can-do attitude, always identified imaginative solutions to many of the technical challenges that we faced within the department. I would highly recommend Ian for any senior IT position and would not hesitate to recruit him; his ability to lead a team and organise an IT department would make him a valuable asset to any company.

Alex Benn on LinkedIn

Alberto Ortiz - IT Manager
Alberto Ortiz - IT Manager Acambis plc

I am writing to endorse Ian McKendrick. My professional experience with Ian has been in a variety of capacities and spans over many years. His professional ethics are of high calibre. Ian will perform his responsibilities to move any company forward while maintaining integrity. He is a very responsible individual, always willing to give 110%. Ian will go over and above what he is asked to do. He will endure until the task is complete. His leadership skills are exemplary. Ian will lead with dignity while allowing employees to shine. His willingness to spend time with individuals to provide guidance, consultation and inspiration is remarkable. He is a hard worker who engenders respect from everyone he encounters. Most of all, he is first and foremost concerned with the welfare of those whom he is charged to provide services, each and every day. Ian’s skills are varied and he is always looking to expand and improve. He has technical skills as well as people skills. Ian understands people from various backgrounds and is able to relate to the educated as well as those will little educational backgrounds. He respects people where they are. Ian is always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our office including clients, employers, and other professional organizations. He would be an asset to any employer, and I recommend him for any endeavour he chooses to pursue. If there is any particular information that you would like to discuss please feel free to contact me. I would be more than pleased to discuss in detail any aspect that would help you to make a positive decision regarding Ian.

Alberto Ortiz on LinkedIn

Mark Smallwood - Research Scientist
Mark Smallwood - Research Scientist Acambis plc

Ian was a great IT Director- always happy to help, and always able to get the job done. He was instrumental in setting up IT facilities at the company and in making sure that IT infrastructure kept pace with the growth of the company.

Mark Smallwood on LinkedIn

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