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Great claims and promises are made about social media, often by self-appointed experts with limited experience and no recognised status in the field. In professional hands, social media can indeed be a powerful marketing tool, and experienced guidance in its use can and does achieve remarkable sales successes.


But it pays to beware of the hoopla – and the disappointment that often follows it – by developing a professionally thought through social networking strategy.

Not to mention the importance of establishing an integrated HR and social media policy that  ensures staff act as company ambassadors and maintain appropriate behaviour.

That’s where I come in.  I bring to the task over 30 years experience in IT consultancy – as a strategist, trainer, public speaker and broadcaster.  I am also on the Advisory Board of Microsoft IT and Net Focus, IT watchdogs and advisors to the UK Government, European Parliament and the  FTSE top 100.

Here are some of the ways I can help you:

Social Media Selection

  • On-Line Community Building – Identifying social networks appropriate to your needs
  • Social Media Strategy – Defining marketing objectives, target markets and methods
  • On-Line Image Building – Acquiring a reputation as an expert in your field
  • Social Media Tools – Techniques that streamline your networking activities
  • On-Line Security Measures – Protocols to protect your on-line activities
  • Reputation Management – How to respond to and counteract negative postings
  • Social Media HR Policy & Training – Operational policy making and staff training
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