When Gordon Browns Cheque Bounced

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When Gordon Browns Cheque Bounced

Yes – it’s that time of year again when our minds turn to Christmas presents because despite the doom and gloom of the recession we still like to dig deep to give our loved one’s a nice present on Christmas morning. It’s no different for Gordon Brown of course, except he has to dig a little deeper than the rest of us. The banks will want some money to pay for their Christmas bonuses and the Army would like some more helicopters, the hospitals could always do with a little extra at Christmas, particularly if Jordan needs another boob job, and the police could always do with a few more festive speed cameras. Sorry Gordon – it’s time to get the cheque book out again!

Hold on a minute though…maybe that’s not such a good idea…

What if the cheque bounces?

Yes, it’s a little embarrassing, but then it won’t be the first time our beloved PM has had one of his cheques bounced! And if you check on TwitterFaceBook, and trawl the blogosphere you will find that news about our dear Gordon’s bounced cheque is already winging its way around cyberspace – such is the power of social networking!

Bid for Gordon’s bounced cheque

You can even make a bid for the original cheque and accompanying letter from the bank which is now for sale on eBay, which might make a great Christmas present for someone!

So before you start writing those big cheques Gordon it’s best to check you’ve still got the funds in your account first. A bounced cheque from the PM might be bad news for the economy but isn’t it reassuring to know that our wonderful banking institutions still have the balls to return a bad cheque regardless of who wrote it?

Know what? I reckon the banks should get a bonus for getting something right for a change…and for bringing us a little festive cheer!

Anyway, I can lend you a fiver Gordon if you’re really stuck!

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  1. Well it looks as if our Gordon really did get cheque mated on this one. Never mind he can always claim expenses to get his penalty charges back.

    • It seems so Rob, the cheque went for £3101 on eBay in the end, I’d love to know who bought it!

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