Tip Tours – A Social Media Experiment

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Tip Tours – A Social Media Experiment

Every week, for the next 100 weeks I will be going to a new, inspiring location where I will use AudioBoo to record an interview with the accomplished author Joe St Clair. Joe will be describing not only the scenery and the surroundings but also why he chose each unique location to demonstrate a connection with one of the inspiring tips drawn from his best-selling book “100 Tips for Total Life Fulfilment”.

This is part of a comprehensive social media experiment in which I choose to combine the strengths of different Social Networking sites, each offering specific benefits and reaching entirely different audiences, namely AudioBooFlickrSuperBlogFaceBook and Twitter, the resulting AudioBoo interviews being published to iTunes. The final icing on the cake is the heavy use of the Apture plugin that brings all of the background information that’s available across the internet together on the page, allowing the user to explore the content in far greater depth while listening to the AudioBoo tips.

My goal

My goal is to bring out the best of these sites to create a feature-rich and far reaching social networking campaign designed for anyone who would like to join us on our journey of inspiration. Putting this experiment together has been a privilege and a joy for Joe and I and we hope our followers will find that it enriches and improves their lives as much as it has done for us.


You can follow us on our journey through these links:

Here’s a video of what we’re up to, after you’ve watched it please continue reading below about how I came up with this comprehensive social media strategy and how it’s being implemented.

Choosing the right medium is critical

As a result of the research I’ve been doing into Social Media over the last two years it was apparent that different people consume their information in many different ways, and the medium we use to deliver that information is critical if we want it to reach as many people as possible. Some like their information to be presented very formally, others informally. Some like reading on the screen, others like printing it out on paper, or even buying the book. Some like to watch, or have the freedom to explore, or download to their iPodiPhone / iPadiPad Mini / MP3 player so they can consume the information at their leisure and listen to it when it is convenient for them.

Social media strategy

I decided to build a fully integrated social media campaign that covers all of those areas, and I wanted to create something that would not only be simple to maintain with the minimum of effort, but would allow us to deliver this incredibly rich content in a way that would satisfy the interests and needs of all of our followers and could be used as a blueprint for a future Social Media Strategy Template. With careful selection of content the same principles can be applied to implement a perfect Social Media Strategy for B2B.

Documenting our progress

It’s early days yet for me to be able to say whether this approach will be a success or not, but I’ll be charting my findings on this blog where I’ll be regularly posting updates as we progress through the project. In particular look out for my next post where I’ll describe in a little more detail how I put this whole social media project together, and where I’ll also give you an insight to the decision making process I went through for selecting the technology we used in the field, and how I decided on the specific social networking sites we picked for broadcasting our campaign.

Join in and take part

It’s all free, so why not follow the journey yourself using the link below, and we’d appreciate you telling your friends too so please use the re-tweet buttons to regularly to tell them, and let’s see if we can get them on board too: http://tiptours.co.uk/

Have your say

I welcome any thoughts or suggestions you may have. Do you think I’ve I got this right, am I missing an opportunity, do you think it’s overkill, or am I wasting my time? Please let me know with your comment below.


Next Steps:

If you would like help with your social media policy development, or social media training for your staff and management teams on how to use social media effectively while protecting your brand and reputation, or would like to book Ian to speak at your next event then:

Call Ian on: 07979 593 970 or CLICK HERE>

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  1. What a beautiful way to show how a book can be so much more than a book. This caters for every taste and every style of gathering and using information including tactile, auditory and visual preferences in bite sized pieces or as a whole banquet!
    I can’t believe it was all produced on an iPhone!

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