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Ian McKendrick


A visionary senior IT executive with 32 years IT management experience, a people manager, highly focused on key business drivers, with a proven track record of defining, providing and supporting successful strategic business solutions, specialising in Social Media Marketing Strategies, Information Management strategies, SharePoint delivery, and the creation of award winning PowerPoint Presentations.

Key skills:

  • A recognised industry speaker with a unique insight into Social Media, Microsoft, and ERP technologies
  • Broadcaster, Founder and co-presenter of The Business Hub, a popular weekly business radio show
  • Broad practical knowledge of WordPress plugins and their application to achieve optimal results
  • Design and implementation of RSS and Social Bookmarking strategies including iTunes, FeedBurner, Technorati and AudioBoo integration to promote Social Profiles, Blogs and websites to gain new followers and fans
  • Assist businesses in the creation and establishment of Social Media policies and strategies that increases profile awareness, reputation and sales
  • Social Media SEO strategies enabling clients to consistently be found on page 1 of the top search engines
  • Social Networking strategies and training covering Blogging, Podcasting and Videocasting
  • Member of the Microsoft IT Advisory Council


Recent Consulting Projects:

November 2005 to 2012: – CambiNet Limited:

Position: Founder, Managing Director, Principal IT Consultant

Corporate profile and role overview: CambiNet is a leading technology consulting company performing technology audits for organisations wishing to ensure their IT systems are optimised and capable of driving the company towards their corporate goals and objectives. This is especially useful for organisations wishing for increased returns on their IT investments, and wanting to achieve more with less. On completion of audits CambiNet assist their clients by implementing any improvements required to existing IT systems, training of staff, provision of training presentations, videos, supporting training materials for internal use, and the delivery of any new IT systems if required.


Achievements at DC Thompson:

Social Media security awareness training and advice for creation of best practice policies: Trained key individuals within DC Thompson on the business risks involved with employees using Social Media both as part of their work, and in their personal lives. The training course raised awareness of many issues that had arisen around social media in similar organisations and examined the consequences, and from that made recommendations for best practices to protect their business, their customers, staff members and their families.


Achievements at Marks and Spencer:

SharePoint audit, management status report, and project implementation plan: Created a comprehensive report of the current “as-is” SharePoint implementation which assessed the overall status of SharePoint within the organisation including the scale of the implementation, the  current usage, and status of all SharePoint sites and processes contained therein, identified all risks and opportunities. The purpose of this report was to aid the decision making process for creating a prioritised, phased migration plan for all sites. The report included decision making criteria to help determine the migration priority, and inclusion into relevant phases and was be based on quick-wins, site usage, and business criticality. The investigation was conducted with great sensitivity, to ensure that all stakeholders expectations were carefully managed throughout the process.


Achievements at Speaking Up:

Improved corporate communications utilising SharePoint, reducing time and costs. After determining the business requirements with the Senior Management Team we helped Speaking Up (SU) to determine the desired outcomes for their Information Management Review project. I assisted their managers to establish the vision, goals and objectives, and determined the metrics to be used for prioritisation. Planned the migration from outdated SharePoint 2003 test site to an upgraded production SharePoint 2007 site, and the assisted with the structure, development and implementation of a new SharePoint intranet.


Achievements at Royal Society of Chemistry:

Assisted project department to better support business needs. I ran brainstorming and “Blue Sky” sessions with senior management teams within the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) to determine the information requirements needed to support the fast track delivery of the corporate objectives. This culminated in the implementation of SharePoint 2007, Project Server 2007 and rewriting and upgrading their outdated Intranet system.


Achievements at St Andrew’s Healthcare:

Assisted IT department to better support business needs. After carrying out an extensive IT optimisation audit I helped St Andrew’s Healthcare (SHC) run brainstorming and “Blue Sky” sessions with members of their senior management and healthcare teams. Collating the data which I collected during these process allowed us to construct an implementation matrix which was used to prioritise the implementation of business information management solutions that were needed to assist with all departments reaching their corporate objectives. This culminated in the implementation of a brand new Intranet based on SharePoint 2007 and Project Server 2007. I assisted with training and up-skilling staff members to move them to an automated tracking system for project management, the result of which meant that the SHC rigorously reduced the number of meetings and personnel required for managing projects, and as a consequence all projects are now managed on-line through SharePoint and Project Server.


July 2004 to November 2005: – Cambridge Display Technology (CDT):

Position: Head of IT

Corporate profile and role overview: CDT is the leading developer of technologies based on polymer light emitting diodes used in the global display and lighting markets. From its laboratories in Cambridge, the company research new materials and processes, creates patents, and generates its revenue through licensing. CDT is the first spin off company from Cambridge University to float on the US stock exchange, and must comply with the Sarbanes Oxley Act. The role involved the delivery and management of robust IT systems that supported the strategic growth of the business across many locations, ensuring that all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements were met. IT responsibility extended across three sites in the UK, a sales team based in Taiwan, Japan and China and also part owned subsidiary in the US. It had been inferred that the position would evolve into an IT Directors role.


November 1994 to July 2004 – Acambis Research Limited:

Position: Director of IT Global Operations

Corporate profile and role overview: Acambis is the world leader in manufacturing and supplying smallpox vaccines to the US government and other leading nations. My role was to manage and deliver an extremely robust information management architecture that had to accommodate links to multiple networks outside of Acambis’ control for collaborations and other external operations. Acambis’ networks had to meet multiple, stringent international regulation requirements and were configured accordingly. Acambis was considered a ‘Key Point’, and due to the nature of its work was a target for terrorists and animal rights extremists, both physical and information security had been of paramount importance and was considered with every implementation.


March 1993 to October 1994 – Labspace Sintacell:

Position: IT Manager

Corporate profile and role overview: Labspace is the UK leading manufacturer and installer of laboratory furniture and equipment. Established in the late 1800’s, the company was running old and disconnected legacy systems, many of them paper-based. My role was to bring these systems together and automate them. As many of their customers were food and drug companies there was much secrecy surrounding installations which had to be taken into account when designing their systems.


November 1987 to March 1993 – Knurr UK:

Position: IT Manager

Corporate profile and role overview: Knurr is a worldwide player in the 19″ enclosure and technical furniture market. Their products were primarily for control rooms, typically for air traffic control, public utilities from power-stations, police control rooms, to dealer rooms in the finance sector and they also designed and supplied communications facilities for the telecoms and satellite broadcast industry. Established in the late 1930’s, the company was running old and disconnected legacy systems, many of them paper-based. My role was to bring these systems and processes together for all divisions in 33 countries throughout the world, and automate as many of these processes as possible.

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