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You don’t need to be a mechanic to know how to drive a car – and you don’t need to be an expert to make a success of social media.

You just need to know someone who is.

Someone who can explain it in layman’s language and show you in simple, easy to follow examples how to use it to win more business and raise your profile as an expert in your own field.

That someone is Ian McKendrick.

Ian is an IT specialist and business strategist who combines technical know-how with outstanding communications skills.  The networking equivalent of an experienced driving instructor, who instills confidence and builds proficiency in ‘learners’, and provides master classes for advanced practitioners.

Ian’s track record is impressive.  He addresses audiences from local business clubs to international trade conferences, and public meetings to private seminars for corporate clients.

See below for testimonials from companies and institutions who have engaged his services and profited from his input.

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Speaking Testimonials:

Rod Baptie
Rod Baptie Baptie and Co
A big, big thank you for yet another “Stunning Presentation” A 96 page PowerPoint that had the room engaged throughout is a skill in itself alone. The learnings you unfolded before our eyes had the audience on the edge of their seats for an hour, and yet they still asked for more! That is why they voted you “Best Speaker” of the conference, a well deserved award. You certainly are breaking new ground, and once you go live with TV style commercials I feel Hollywood will beckon!
Fred Copestake
Fred Copestake Brindis
 I was fortunate enough to attend one of Ian’s seminars and it was a real pleasure to hear him speak. He imparted his expert knowledge in a clear, concise way, simplifying some of the trickier concepts with great empathy. His humour was spot on for the audience and his slides a ‘case study’ in how support the message but really animate it with personality and passion. I’m really looking forward to hearing Ian again. 
Richard Heathcote
Richard Heathcote The Voiceover Artist
Ian came up to do a fantastic seminar on social media marketing in Kidderminster last week, and the feedback I’ve had from attendees has been superb. A superbly energetic and passionate speaker, it was one of those times where you could have easily sat through it again ’cause it was so good! Highly recommended, catch Ian talking whenever/wherever you can….
Stephen Whitton
Stephen Whitton SSW Associates
Ian’s creation “The SuperBlog“, and the way he explains how to use Social Networking to grow your client base to attract more business,  is an incredibly effective marketing tool that has completely transformed the way I attract new clients and do business with them. It is surprisingly easy to do, and all without spending too much of my valuable time or money!
Larry Lloyd
Larry Lloyd Speaking Up
Ian gave us a highly charged and passionate presentation, which was packed to the brim with everything I needed to know in order to get myself and our communications team up to speed, and we actually implemented our social media strategy the very next day. As an IT Director myself, his delivery was non condescending, and was a lesson in itself on how I should be communicating technology to my board. I highly recommend Ian, particularly if you need to gain the necessary buy-in and commitment from other stakeholders within your organisation to implement a social media strategy.
Rima Scott
Rima Scott Arts & Heritage Alliance
Very many thanks for your illuminating workshop on Social Networking last week. It really was a revelation to see the vast number of social networking sites out there and the different audiences they cater for! The idea of engaging people by going ‘behind the scenes’ and taking them on the journey of a particular project was very interesting and useful. I can’t say that I’ve explored all the possibilities you told us about yet, but it’s certainly set me thinking. I know colleagues will agree with me!
Heather Townsend
Heather Townsend The Efficiency Coach
 I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thank you for the engaging and interesting seminar that you gave last night. My only complaint is that I had some many thoughts and ideas as a result of yesterday, I found it difficult to get to sleep! I will start following you on Twitter – and becoming a regular reader of your blog. I am passionate about getting my message out, and making a difference, by helping people and organisations achieve more for their time, effort and money. I look forward to speaking (or Tweeting) to you soon! 
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