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Social Networking:

“Janet & John” Introduction to Social Networking (half day) <<-Click Here for next course
Using Social Networking to build your business
(half day)
Social Networking Masterclass
(full day)


“Janet & John” Introduction to SuperBlogging (half day)
Using Your SuperBlog to build your business (half day)
SuperBlog Masterclass (full day)

Presentation Skills:

How NOT to use PowerPoint (25 minutes)
Creating persuasive presentations
(half day)
PowerPoint  Masterclass
(full day)
Presentation Skills Masterclass
(Three days)

Online SuperBlog training>>>


Thank you for enlightening me about the benefits and strengths of social network – the time spent with you over the last two days has been a revelation; moving me from grudging acceptant to almost an evangelist.

After your presentation yesterday I met with a client to review how they could get more market leverage from their website which has been well designed and SEO optimised – before meeting you I would have had little to offer; now I was able to introduce them the benefits of social networking and after some initial scepticism my client could not wait the get started. A real win for my client and for Business Link.

Thank you again – I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Tony Franklin – Business Adviser ICT & E-commerce – Business Link East

Every day, new technological advancements change the way we communicate. The convergence of social media in our day to day lives is having a huge impact on how we do business both on and offline. Social media is not a fad and it is absolutely essential that we understand how to ride the wave of opportunity. Ian explains with clarity and passion the importance of social media, how it affects our marketing strategies and covers the simple steps you can take to ensure that your online profile is working in alignment with your business goals. I highly recommend Ian’s courses to technophobes and enthusiasts alike for the amiable delivery style, invaluable content and mind blowing insight.

Gina Romero –  Operations Director for The Athena Network – Gina’s Blog

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