Killer SEO Super Blogs

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Killer SEO Super Blogs

Why our “SuperBlog Offer” is just SO good!

A SuperBlog is very different to the free blogs that many people use. It has all the features of a web site and can actually replace a website in many instances.

A SuperBlog has special aspects that work in the background to create superb Google rankings, allows you to analyse results and enables you to create a comprehensive on-line marketing strategy. It also contains tools making it easy for other social networkers to tell others about you.

It’s a fact: One of the newest and most powerful marketing tools you can use to promote your business is fast-growing social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, 4Networking and Twitter. There has never been a more cost effective way to get your message out to a huge number of potential clients – Your SuperBlog is the centrepiece…

Get connected to millions of potential clients

CambiNet, headed by Social Media Strategist Ian McKendrick, is at the cutting edge of advising business owners how to capitalise on this fast changing media. With over 30 years experience of combining IT and Marketing strategies, no-one is better placed to not only provide you with the best advice available now but to keep you updated as the media evolves. Three months ago there were only 300 or so social networking sites and applications. At the time of writing this article there are now well over 3000. Our job is to investigate all of the new options and keep you ahead of the game.

You may be a technical wizard or a technophobe.

You may have a very big business or a small one. You may like to control everything yourself or hand it over to us to manage. Because our clients are not all the same we have devised several different packages that can quickly put your business in front of millions of potential clients through key social networking sites. People who need your products and services can instantly and effortlessly connect with you. A SuperBlog is very different to the free blogs that many people use. It has all the features of a web site and can actually replace a website in many instances.

What is a SuperBlog?

A SuperBlog has special aspects that work in the background to create superb Google rankings, allows you to analyse results and enables you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. It also contains tools making it easy for social networkers to tell others about you, and automates many of the processes a dedicated web-master would do for you.

  • It’s quick
  • It’s simple
  • It’s hassle free
  • It’s bursting with benefits


FREE domain name

No need to pay for, register or transfer your existing domain name. As part of our service we advise you on the best domains to use and do everything as part of our hosting deal.

NO advertising

A SuperBlog gives you a clean, fully functional blog with full capabilities. It’s not cluttered with advertising as many free blogs are. A SuperBlog is entirely yours and you have complete control.


The world of blogging is changing at an increasingly fast pace and so we’ve done all the research and will install your Superblog with all the features for the functions you need it to do. We’ll also keep you up to date as new features are developed.

YOUR branding

A SuperBlog gives you the choice of hundreds of designs and for a small fee we’ll even customise it to match your branding. There’s no need to install, setup or configure any templates, we do all of that for you as part of our service.

FULL Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Plugins are tools that are used behind the scenes, and we’ve included several plugins that enable your blog to become search engine friendly and get you onto the front pages of popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. We install and configure the SEO plugins you need as part of our service.

COMPLETE Social Network Optimisation (SNO)

The growth of Social Networking for business is phenomenal and the real value of using a SuperBlog as part of your marketing strategy is to make it easy to link to Social Networking sites like Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. SNO is part of the service we provide that ensures visitors to your blog can quickly and easily send links to each page, each article, and even each comment on your blog.

FREE support

Our SuperBlog subscribers have exclusive access to our SuperBlog Support Centre where our team of blog and WordPress experts are waiting to solve any problems our customers encounter. There’s nothing wastes more time, or causes more frustration than trying to find answers to your problems over the Internet. Our experienced team has all the answers and are ready and waiting for your support questions. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service which means our customers are able to spend more time reaping the benifits of their investment.

FREE training

Each SuperBlog comes with 30+ of the latest blogging training videos embedded where we help take the complete novice through to becoming fully competent SuperBlog expert. Our training videos are fun, short, to the point and aim to get you to where you need to be in the quickest and simplest way possible. Access to this rich, wonderful resource is completely free to all customers hosting their SuperBlogs with us.

Free social media measurement tools

Every SuperBlog II comes with the very latest social analytics plugin “Social Metrics Pro”. This amazing plugin gives you complete visability of how your social media activities are performing across an array of the most popular social networking sites such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. You can find out more about the Social Metrics Pro plugin here>>


Have your say

What would you like to share (or ask) about blogging and why it’s so important for business? Please use the comments below – Many thanks


Next Steps:

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