The Government Is Desperate – They’re Giving Away FREE Cash And Support

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The Government Is Desperate – They’re Giving Away FREE Cash And Support

“Britain is open for business” and apparently the government have the funds and support you need to get started.

This week The Business Hub teamed up with UKTI in a show entirely dedicated to export and investment.

David Hurley of Anglia Business Solutions shared his experience of how UK Trade and Investment is helping him to expand his software business to reach new US markets.

Nick Tait of Syrris Ltd. told us all about his businesses global trade and export strategy and what you would need to do to follow his example.

Martin Keepfer of UKTI shared a case study of how a small family business is breaking into foreign export markets, and how they have begun by exporting their products to Australia.

Vic Annals, the UKTI Trade and Investment Director told us how “Britain is Open For Business”, and even through the coalition cuts, how his Government Department is finding the cash and support that are needed to do business abroad. He also explained about the lengths the UKTI is going to in order to help UK businesses gain the investment they need, and what UK businesses need to do to gain the funding and support necessary begin exporting their products and services.

Finally, at the end of this specially extended podcast, Stephen Cook of UK Trade & Investment gave us some great examples and case studies of how businesses are expanding abroad, and what the UKTI is doing to go out of their way to help them.

Listen to UKTI Export Special Podcast online here:
(Scroll to the bottom of the page to play the podcast –  follow the show notes and links on the page)

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  1. Great info Ian.

    On 24th Sept there is a special event in Cambridge when UKTI, The Global Trade Network and Opportunities for Regional Business along with The Inspired Group are putting on a joint event.
    There will be live links to three different country experts for practical, specific advice and a talk by Brand Doctor James Hammond among many other features. More info here:

  2. A very interesting show (I was supposed to be on it but sadly could not make it). However, we have something very valuable to add and that is…

    O4RB have teamed up with the Global Trade Network supported by UKTI to provide an event to show businesses of all kinds and sizes just how easy it is to get into exporting. The event on 24th September at the Scotsdales centre (details on will provide 1-on-1 consultations on all aspects of business from branding to exporting, a fantastic networking opportunity, live links with the USA, Germany and Ireland and a presentation from a small company who have exported ‘an idea’…quite astonishing.

    Key Speaker – James Hammond of Brand Halo

    We are on a mission to get Britain Exporting. Why not join us on the 24th to get your business on the road to exporting?


    Bob Garbett
    0844 556 7760

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