New Website For The Cambridge Biomedical Campus

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New Website For The Cambridge Biomedical Campus

New Website For The Cambridge Biomedical Campus

To promote their new facilities being built over the next 10 years the Cambridge Biomedical Campus wanted to introduce a series of micro websites highlighting a selection of their tenants, and the research being conducted by them

Their end goal was to have a fully operable Content Management System that they could easily use to regularly keep their sites content fresh with new information as it emerged. They also wanted to fully integrate each site with social media applications that enabled site visitors to share  the information being published through various social networks such as Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ and  LinkedIn.

The focus of the work was not only to give their visitors personal insight into the great work being conducted by their tenants at the campus, but also to highlight why the Cambridge Biomedical Campus’ exceptional working environment and real estate means that it should be the location of choice for any medical or scientific research business wishing to conduct their business. They also wanted to demonstrate to research organisations the importance of  being located in Cambridge due the special culture and environment that it has to offer.

During the early stages of the project The Cambridge Biomedical Campus team were so impressed with the SuperBlog’s ease of use  that they decided to change the scope of the project to include a complete rebuild of their main website utilising our SuperBlog II platform.

This project is still ongoing as we fully incorporate the social media aspects and implement a robust social media strategy and training for all of the research centre staff, and for all of the other organisations involved.

Next Steps:

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